The Girls Club

In a society where women are the top emerging business owners, entrepreneurs, and Entertainers the girls club couldn’t have picked a better time to reveal their movement. This diverse group of women includes some the industry’s most respected female artists, Songwriters, radio personalities, business owners, actress and more. In an effort to provide a network for women by women the girls club is reminiscent of an entertainment sorority with beautiful and talented women who are all driven, passionate and supportive of each other.
The girls club also started an outreach sector called project girls club where all of the girls volunteer at local women shelters, girls and boys clubs and host food and clothing drives for less fortunate women. In 2018 the girls club kicked off their outreach drive in a small town in Georgia and hosted a series of workshops with 40 young girls. The workshops included dance lessons, sessions on how to record music and lessons about nutrition and fashion.
The girls club also collaborated on a compilation album set to drop this year. The featured artists are Shanell snl from young money, princess of Crime Mobb, D woods of Danity Kane, Bianca from Love and Hip Hop New York, actress Teresa Top Notch and songwriter Mika Means. The Girls Club’s sound is fresh, fun and full of witty raps, sultry melodies and edgy subject matter.